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Irene J. Rampino

Physical Therapist and Movement Specialist
Irene has extensive knowledge of mind-body movement techniques stems from more than 40 years
of study, along with comprehensive training under some of the top movement professionals
around the world. She is well-versed in numerous movement disciplines, including yoga, tai chi,
ballet, modern dance, Feldenkrais®️, Skinner Releasing Technique™️, Contact Improvisation,
Laban & Bartenieff Fundamentals and ideokinetics.
Irene holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts at New York
University and an Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University. She
is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association with specializations in
orthopedics and performing arts. Additionally, Irene earned her Pilates certification from the
Polestar Institute, which specializes in applying Pilates for rehabilitation purposes.
Irene is certified both as a Master GYROTONIC®️ , GYROKINESIS®️ Levels 1 & 2  Method
Trainer, as well as in all Specialized Equipment. Irene has developed a new exploratory, process-
oriented course, GYROTONIC®️ Applications of the Fascia Body, to aid teachers in fine-tune
their understanding of fascia and somatic patterning.
Irene seeks to instill playfulness, creativity, and ease of movement—tools to individual
empowerment and informed motor patterns. Her deep love of biomechanics, physical therapy,
movement sequences and rhythm provide nurturing and motivating learning experiences.

GYROTONIC®️ Applications for the Fascial Body
February 17-19, 2024

Base fee: USD $525
Studio fee: USD $375
Total: USD $900

GYROTONIC Applications For The Fascial Body


17th Feb 2024 (Sat) 9am- 12pm and 2 - 5pm

18th Feb
 2024 (Sun) 9am- 12pm and 2 - 5pm

19th Feb 2
024 (Mon) 9am- 12pm and 2 - 5pm

Licensed GYROTONIC Trainer

GYROTONIC ®️  Applications of the Fascial Body, taught by Irene J Rampino, offers teachers the ability to deepen their knowledge about the interaction between the GYROTONIC ®️  Method and Fascial training.

Course participants will learn in a supportive group setting the difference between fascial tissue training and muscular training. Interactive labs will be presented incorporating the concepts of PNF, recoil, swing and plyometrics. Te
achers will learn to identify physical efficiency of efforts
which lead to gentle overall changes in the stress-strain patterns of the fascial body.


Content of the Course:
This intensive workshop gives GYROTONIC®️ Trainers the means to deepen their knowledge about the interaction between the vocabulary of the GYROTONIC®️ Method and fascial training. In this workshop, participants hone their vocabulary and evaluation skills in a supportive group setting. Students learn to identify fundamental fascial patterns through structured assessment of the human body. Principles of anatomy, biomechanics and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation are incorporated. Students will learn to pinpoint physical efforts,to increase training selections. and to build upon concepts they're already using in their Gyrotonic sessions

Fulfills the following CECs:Trainer: GYROTONIC®️

Please join us and register, as space is limited.

Master Course: Tri-planar Training for Functional Patterning 
February 24-26, 2024
Base fee: USD $525
Studio fee: USD 
Total: USD $ 900

Master Course: Tri-planar Training
for Functional Patterning

24th Feb 2024 (Sat) 9am- 12pm and 2 - 5pm
25th Feb 2
024 (Sun) 9am- 12pm and 2 - 5pm
26th Feb 2024 (Mon) 9am- 12pm and 2 - 5

Instructors of all movement disciplines
Somatic instructors
Manual therapists

This 3-day course
at Moto Studio, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong will be tailored to instructors of all movement disciplines, somatic instructors, and manual therapists.  It addresses the interrelationship between the bodies’ neuromuscular, soft tissue and joint systems.
Tri-planer training offers a dynamic approach to facilitate the nervous system reserves, improve motor skills, strength, and range of motion.
Through observation and analysis of motor recruitment patterns including Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Myers Functional Lines, teachers will learn how to achieve immediate and lasting results for their clients.
Movement lab sequences along with manual skills, will be practiced supporting the teacher’s knowledge on how to by develop movement exercise plans, based on the differences in training
approaches to muscular vs. connective tissue.

The course might overrun 30 mins each day.

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**Should any dispute arise, the decision of Moto Studio shall be final and conclusive.

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